At Aviation Turbine Services our quality commitment is in essence what we sell. Whether we package it by way of consultancy services, reflect it in our documentation, or evidence it in our work standards, it is the underlying strength which binds all aspects of the company together. We take it seriously.

The varied formats to which from time to time we are required to work fall into four main categories:

  1. JAR 145
  2. FAA
  3. ISO 9001
  4. AQAP

It cannot be said that any one quality system is superior to another. However, we find that ISO 9001 is almost identical to AQAP and in fact is accepted by the MOD. Moreover, the strong similarity with JAR 145 encourages us to use ISO 9001 as our leading quality assurance datum.

Our quality commitment is very much interfaced with our customer support programme since it is through this programme we can see our quality truly as it is. Feedback is not just good for product, but is the very proof of quality.


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