Inspection, repair and test of PCB's

Aviation Turbine Services is able to provide a wide range of both prime and secondary services from its engineering base at Ampthill, Bedfordshire. The complete facility is equipped with the latest "state of the art" technology, and taken in conjunction with the high degree of skilled personnel, we are well placed to provide a service second to none.

Internal inspection is accomplished by way of fibre optics. Utilising a 2500 watt light source a 6mm controllable fibre optic probe with miniaturised camera. The image is transferred directly onto a viewing screen which can "freeze frame" and immediately download a hardcopy picture.

Turbine component analytical in-situ calibration and test is a service we are able to offer. Our large inventory of test equipment, both commercially purchased and in-house manufactured, gives us the leading edge in diagnostic investigation.

Electronic capabilities cover the inspection, repair and test of PCB's. We specialise in design and re-design work which allows s to update existing boards or run a research and development programme on behalf of customers experiencing PCB integrity problems.


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