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Aviation Turbine Services is a one-stop facility for all your airstart hoses and accessories, whether it be for turbine or diesel units.

We hold a comprehensive stock of commercial jet starter hoses, scuffer jackets, end inserts, “Y” couplings and aircraft couplings.

We market Salem-Republic Rubber Company products as their standards are one of the highest in the industry, exceeding the rigid standards aid down by NATO and the US military. Standards that far exceed those required by major airlines and equipment specifiers.

  • Hose duct operating pressure: 100psi
  • Proof test pressure: 250psi
  • Temperature range: -80F to +500F

Jet air start coupling


We generally stock three standard lengths – 30, 40 and 50ft, and by special order, 60ft.
We build the hose assemblies on site, utilising a powered banding system, which provides a calibrated torque to each band, thus ensuring the metal end inserts are not over-tightened which would cause hose damage.
Repair of hose assemblies is our speciality. Should it be replacing a worn outer scuffer jacket, or parting a duct with puncture damage and rejoining it with a stent insert – if it’s repairable, we can do it.
Aircraft couplings are a stock item, and your failed or tired unit can be repaired.
All our products are fully tested prior to leaving our facility, and are issued with test certificates, along with guide information concerning management and care to ensure you get the maximum serviceable life.

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Jet Air Start hose

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